So you want to make this a ‘thing’, eh?

Book me.

Hire me.

You’ll probably need to see a few things first…

Here’s my resume, a great cover letter that was definitely customized just for you, and a quick list of things I’m more than average at:

  • Adobe Creative Suite - particularly Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign, & Illustrator

  • Photography, graphic design, & creative writing - if you haven’t, you should check out my website (heh.)

  • Creative collaboration, consultation, and general brainstorming - I am in love with the process of ideation

  • Loving dogs - are there pups in your office? I will be in promptly at 9am


Networking is king.

Let’s chat, toss some ideas around, and build out our community over a little liquid joy.

Email, DM, carrier pigeon, smoke signal.
If you like it, I love it.